Brown Bread / by Nat Voisey


Brown Bread is a certified B-Corp with an obsession for inspiring a new culture of giving and giving back, connecting communities and building meaningful movements. Founded by Jo Blair, we’ve been on a mission to make a difference since 2012 – to individuals, communities, cities, and brands – through philanthropy & partnerships, engagement and events. 

Cultural, social and people-based projects are our jam, whether it’s smashing crowdfunding records with the Back the Bull and Our Own Ron campaign, working with Māia Health Foundation to take Canterbury’s health services from good to great, bringing women together around Broad-ly Speaking or championing everything local at the annual North Canterbury Wine & Food Festival.

Although most of our work is with non-profits, we love working with the big guys of the corporate world to bring them into our community of ‘good stuff’. 

We thrive off the opportunity to work with like-minded people who want to be part of something more – a spirit that isn’t hard to come by in our re-emerging city – and we regularly feature conversations with some of these remarkable gamechangers on our blog, PHIL. 

The Midlands Building was love at first sight for us. Partnering as a tenant with the Box 112 team was a no brainer - their commitment to heritage, authenticity and attention to detail really floats our boat. Plus, it’s just a really good looking building, smack bang in the heart of the city.