Welles Street / by Nat Voisey


At first glance, Welles Street appears as an inconspicuous old warehouse on a back street in the City, but despite knowing the fact these type of character spaces architecturally pose as many challenges as they do potential, we saw beauty behind this facade and have set out to transform the property into an urban central point that will popularize modern pub culture in Christchurch. 

The bones are bloody fantastic and we just want to create a space that’s relevant to what it was and at the same time, include all the things a modern pub should be - big, bright, brash, noisy and fun. A social place where people interact each other and their surroundings.

Within this 500 square meter marvel of mixed woods, brick, concrete and glass, we aim to focus on the foundations of a great local with uncomplicated offering’s that aims for broad appeal. The vibe will be a casual, relaxed and safe atmosphere where we don’t take anything too seriously except for the food and the drinks, matched with hospitality that is fun and relaxed, yet competent and professional.

Welcome to Welles Street. 

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