About Us

Our mission is to help make Christchurch the most liveable city in the world.
We do this by creating authentic, one off spaces that add value to businesses and give customers a high value experience.

As individuals, we all bring our own set of gifts and talents. At Box 112 our aim is to group together these collective gifts and talents from different individuals to do great things.

Whether it be making New Zealand a better place by building or repurposing great spaces for businesses to thrive or taking on projects which the market doesn’t quite get, Box 112 groups individuals who collectively have the horse power to partner up and make these projects and spaces a reality.

We are investors, developers, constructors and truth tellers. We partner with amazing people to enhance their mana and help bring great projects to reality.

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James Stringer

James spent 10 years in the Commercial Real Estate industry, working with a number of Christchurch landlords from feasibility through to completion of large scale developments.

In 2016 James joined and invested in Box 112. He brings another strength to the organisation and a strong desire to see Christchurch become the most liveable city in the world. Leadership and foresight is needed to ensure Christchurch becomes the city our future generations need.

James is passionate about delivering finer grain projects that enable businesses and people to project and thrive whilst enhancing and improving the environment and our city.

James is also a trustee of The Arts Centre and a Director of Christchurch Heritage Trust.

Rob Farrell

Rob has a broad commercial background across the property, construction and finance industries.

Having spent 12 years in the investment banking sector, predominantly in Europe, Rob returned to NZ to run the family construction business in Christchurch where over $75m of business was carried out under his leadership. Since then Rob along with his business partner Sam have been successfully positioning Box 112 as a leader in the investment led drive to remake Christchurch, NZ as the world’s most liveable city.

Rob is chairman of the Catholic Development Fund, a director of Grow Canterbury and Bellbird Resources and sits on all boards for Box 112 led investment holding companies.

Rob is married to Nicola, has three boys and lives in Ilam. He holds a master’s degree in finance, a commerce degree in property, an NZX diploma and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Sam Rofe

A prolific constructor in NZ for over 30 years, Sam Rofe shares a common view amongst his Box 112 colleagues that Otautahi – Christchurch has the potential to be the most liveable city on the planet earth.

‘We are not only fortunate here in Canterbury to inherit the quiet, year- on -year investment that has been woven into our city over the last 150 years or so, but also recognise that this recent history is built upon the broadest fertile plain in New Zealand – watered by the prevailing westerlies that drench the rainforests of the Southern Alps and sustain this great basket of kai.’

Sam is peculiarly interested in shoring up for the future of Canterbury some of the finer grain of what makes a 2nd tier city attractive to its residents and visitors – specifically assisting artisan business people into bespoke commercial premises – people and places which add so immensely to our emerging urban environment.