Ground Floor

Two Raw Sisters by Nat Voisey

Introducing Two Raw Sisters, a food company set on changing perceptions about a plant-based diet. Feeling a little like people may have lost touch with food and where it comes from, these two savvy entrepreneurs wanted to make a difference to what their community is eating and in turn help tackle stress, tiredness and illness as a direct result.

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Greenroots Juicery by Nat Voisey

Introducing Will and Katie of Greenroots Juicery, Christchurch’s own organic, local, plant-based, cold-pressed juice company. Realising they had a calling to focus on something bigger than ourselves, that involved greatly improving the well-being of peoples day-to-day lives, Will and Katie dived headfirst into creating truly healthy products hand-crafted from fresh local organic produce.

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Welles Street by Nat Voisey

At first glance, Welles Street appears as an inconspicuous old warehouse on a back street in the City, but despite knowing the fact these type of character spaces architecturally pose as many challenges as they do potential, we saw beauty behind this facade and have set out to transform the property into an urban central point that will popularize modern pub culture in Christchurch. 

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