Marcus Shaw / by Nat Voisey


Ever asked someone their how business is going? Did they reply with something along the lines of, "Things are going okay. But I'm working too many hours, plus I've got a few issues with my staff, and I could be making a bit more money." 

In order to change this narrative, they need to spend less time working on the day-to-day and more time on activities which improve their business, things like planning, systemizing, improving teams and analyzing the numbers which drive their business.

That's where I come in. 

Using the ActionCOACH system, I train Christchurch business owners to take control of their companies and turn them into highly profitable enterprises, which work without them - so that they attain the lifestyle they imagined when they first started out.

How do I do that? 

Well, I work from a beautiful office crafted by Box 112, right above Supreme Supreme on Welles Street, so let me buy you a coffee and I'll tell you all about it.